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Professor Zhou Xiaofeng from FAHGMU Is Selected as One of the ABCMDA Members

Author: Posttime:2014-10-20 16:56:00 View Count:61

       From October 10 to 12, the founding conference of the Andrology Branch of Chinese Medical Doctor Association (ABCMDA) and the first academic annual conference were held in the School of Medicine Sciences of Shanghai Jiaotong University. Professor Xia Shujie, the Vice-President of the First People’s Hospital of Shanghai, was selected as the President. And Professor Li Zheng the secretary-general. Professor Zhou Xiaofeng, the Vice-President of the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU (FAHGMU), was selected as one of the ABCMDA members.
     The conference attached importance to fundamental research, the standardized training for andrology operations, especially the microsurgery operations for the male fertility. The conference concentrated on the discussion concerning 5 hot topics for male health, including male reproductive biology, prostate health, erectile dysfunction and medium-elderly men health, andrology operation and ultrasonic diagnosis and treatment for male infertility. Besides, a debate under the theme of “Is Prostatitis Related to Erectile Dysfunction?” was arranged on purpose. Respective 5 young male contestants from the pros and cons made intensive debate based on data, theories and mechanisms concerned. Furthermore, Andrology Infertility Microsurgery Operation Training Class was held.Yang Jun and Zhong Xin participated this conference. And Yang Jun had exchange with the domestic well-known andrology experts in terms of male infertility, andrology operation etc.
      It is known that ABCMDA boasts 9 professional committees and that Professor Zhou Xiaofeng is selected as one of the members of the Andrology Doctor Self-discipline and Rights Protection Committee.