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Ganzhou Clinical Contest in 2014 Is Held in the FAHGMU

Author: Posttime:2014-10-20 16:57:00 View Count:49

       In October 16, Ganzhou Clinical Contest in 2014 was held in the Clinical Skill Training Center of the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU (FAHGMU) and around 200 doctors from 50 county-level hospitals participated. Liao Wei, the director of Ganzhou Health Bureau, the deputy director Lai Weiguoand the FAHGMU leaders observed the contest in person.


      The contest boasted internal medicine group and surgery group and each group items are 2, which solo CPCR without apparatus was a must. The rest was done orderly based on lot drawing, which covered the clinical skills operation such as thoracocentesis, abdominocentesis, lumbar puncture, bone marrow aspiration, dressing change methods, hand-washing method etc. The judges are made up of the senior clinical experts from the FAHGMU and the Ganzhou People’s Hospital and they gave the score and made comment based on the RATING FORM.
      The FAHGMU attached great importance to this contest. The Medical Section and the Teaching Affairs’ Section made the plan in detail before the contest.