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GMU Holds the Meeting for Graduates and Supervisors of Batch 2014

Author: Posttime:2014-11-05 11:06:00 View Count:72

      On the evening of November 4, GMU held the meeting for graduates and supervisors of Batch 2014 in the Academic Hall of Zhanggong Campus. GMU leaders Han Limin, Liu Qian, Wan Baiqun as well as all Batch 2014 graduates and the supervisors attended the meeting. The director of Division of Graduates’ Affairs Huang Cheng hosted the meeting.



      During the meeting, Huang Cheng made an introduction to the graduates’ supervisors and mutual election for graduates and supervisors and he hoped the supervisors and graduates should have more exchange. The representatives of graduates and supervisors Chen Zhendong and Huang Zihua respectively delivered a speech.
     GMU President Han Limin delivered a summary speech, sending message to the graduates and supervisors as follows: Firstly, the relationship should be correctly tackled between supervisors and graduates so that teaching benefitted both. Secondly, all graduates must study hard to pass degree curriculum examinations, interim assessment, practical experiments and thesis defense. Thirdly, graduates and supervisors were required to build the 4 sentences. Namely, “Do as the great doctors do to build the gentlemen’ style”, “Build morality and decency, Pursue truth and innovation”, “Study hard by oneself” and “How well one can go forward depends on himself”. He hoped that all graduates achieved more accomplishments in study, life and development and that supervisors became masters during the supervision.
      During the meeting, each supervisor signed the agreement with GMU.