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The Grand Special Party “Harmonious China & Sharing Sunshine Together” was Held in Zhanggong Campus

Author: Posttime:2013-06-08 08:33:33 View Count:351

     On the evening of June 6, all seats of the auditorium of the Zhanggong Campus were filled with limitless applause. A grand special party from the Disabled Joint Art Troupe of Beijing & Hubei Sharing Sunshine Together put on a performance and around 1,000 faculties attended the party.

     The party started with a dance called “Kaimen Hong.” Directed by the sign language teacher, the deaf dancers danced trippingly, overcoming the inconceivable difficulties and embodying the beauty of humanity and art, the dignity and life values.

     The physically disabled actors Hang Jinqi and Zhang Donghai used their respective only leg to constitute a pair of feet to perform the dance “Ying Zhi Yi.” The blind artist and Guinness record holder Chen Shaoqing utilized a matchbox and match sticks to perform the tour de force Miaoling’s Morning. The blind actors Tian Xiaobing, physically disabled actors Sun Xiaofan and Wu Shoutao, dwarf actor Huang Chunming respectively sang the song Zhonghua Qing, Chuntian Li and Invisible Wings. Hurrah, screech and applause in the auditorium, wave after wave, showed the audience’s enthusiasm and tribute to the actors. While the physically disabled actor Gao Tianzeng was presenting the calligraphy work “德行是新”, thunderous applause filled the whole auditorium. The party successfully approached the end along with the big dance Qianshou Guanyin.


     The disabled showed their eagerness to love and pursuit of beauty with their special performances, embodied their ceaseless self-improvement and enthusiasm and offered us an utmost enlightenment to face up the difficulties, surmount ourselves and learn to be grateful.