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GMU Holds the Conference for Practical Teaching in 2014

Author: Posttime:2014-12-08 16:13:00 View Count:55

     In December 6, GMU held the conference for Practical Teaching in 2014 in the Academic Hall of Zhanggong Campus and GMU Vice-President Liu Min attended it. GMU President Han Limin paid a visit to the representatives. Hosted by the Division of Academic Affairs director Ye Junming, more than 100 representatives from 45 teaching bases such as Health Bureau of Ganzhou and Public Security Bureau of Nanchang as well as directors from the departments concerned and deans attended the conference.



     On behalf of GMU, Liu Min delivered a speech, extending a warm welcome to the distinguished guests and making an introduction to GMU and her development. Liu Min pointed out that practical teaching was an significant part in college education, that the qualities of practical teaching bases were the prerequisite for that of internship and that teaching bases was not only the important part in GMU practical teaching system, also the significant conditions for the sustainable development of GMU. He hoped that each teaching base intensified teaching affairs, attached importance to the students’ management and arranged colorful teaching contents and styles, which increasingly boosted the internship teaching and graduates’ qualities. Making use of this cherished opportunity, the representatives had in-depth exchange and raised valuable advice to GMU internship teaching management.  



      After the opening ceremony, professor Tang Hong from the Department of Psychology of School of Humanities and Social Sciences delivered a lecture “College Students’ Psychology Education in the Internship” and Division of Academic Affairs deputy director Huang Guangsheng “Non-medical Majors’ Practical Teaching Bases’ Development for Medical Colleges/Universities”.



     During the conference, representatives from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of Yudu County, JiangxiQingfeng Pharmaceutical Group and Public Security Bureau of Nanchang delivered speeches in terms of the internship management for preventive medicine, pharmacy, forensic medicine, law etc, the bases development and internship teaching staff construction etc.



      After the opening ceremony, various majors and disciplines’ group discussion were conducted in terms of bases construction, internship management, internship outline revision etc based on the features of different majors’ practical teaching.



     During the conference, the representatives paid a visit to teaching sites such as School History Museum, TCM Herbarium in the School of Pharmacy, Human Morphology Samples’ Display Room etc.