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GMU Experts Have Completed the First International Live NOTES Operation Demonstration of Urology Surgery.

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       From June 6th to the 8th, the Joint European-Chinese Congress of Laparoscopy & Robotics 2013 under the theme of “Innovation & Challenge” was held in the International Conference Centre of No. 301 Hospital of Chinese PLA General Hospital. The European Laparoscope Conference in the International Urology Surgery Laparoscope Master Club is held once a year out of Europe and America. It symbolized Chinese urology laparoscope surgical technology has advanced to a state-of-the-art level. Zou Xiaofeng is a renowned urology expert and the academic leader of urology surgery. He is also the Vice President of the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU. He was invited to participate in the conference along with the delegation of the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU.

       As the pioneer of China Urology Surgery NOTES, Zou Xiaofeng offered the live NOTES operation demonstration of urologysurgery under the theme of, “Laparoscope is Employed to Do the Radical Nephrectomy through Vagina with the Aide of NOTES”. This was the first time UrologySurgery NOTES gave a live demonstration. With the close coordination of Zhang Guoxi and Xu Hui, the surgeon Zou Xiaofeng completed the operation. With a high level of expertise, a trouble free operation, minimal hemorrhaging, the operation came to a swift completion accompanied by a burst of applause from both domestic and foreign medical experts. Zou Xiaofeng was honored as the founder and chief expert of China UrologySurgery NOTES.

Delegation Assemble Photo

Operation Locale

Live Operation Demonstration

Operation Experts of the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU

Introduction to Professor Zou Xiaofeng