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GMU President Han Limin Had an Informal Conference with the Representatives of the Batch 2013 Students

Author: Posttime:2013-09-09 09:05:00 View Count:175

     On the morning of September 6, the informal conference of the Batch 2013 students representatives was held in the Students’ CPC Member Office. 35 representatives from 8 schools, together with GMU President Han Limin, the directors from Division of Academic Affairs, Division of Students’ Affairs, Youth Committee, Division of Security, Logistics Group, Division of Assets Management etc, attended this conference. The present students spoke their minds freely and Han Limin carefully listened to the questions and offered detailed answer. 

     The present students, studying various majors, actively expressed themselves based on their information concerning GMU. Some students are impressed by the beautiful campus scenery, strong campus culture, GMU motto and fine teaching style. And they sang high praise of the students’ affairs management in terms of picking up the freshmen, freshmen’ military training etc. and raised some questions and suggestions on the talents cultivation.

      So far as the accommodation was concerned, the present students had exchange with Han Limin and the present directors in terms of the canteen service level, dormitory security management, campus circumstances administration, students’guarantee of rights and interests etc. The students argued that teachers and students should intensify to build the harmonious circumstances to better serve the students. The directors took notes in detail and declared to solve the problems concerned as soon as possible.
     After hearing the presentations, Han Limin had the pleasure to see that the students had taken GMU as their homes. Han Limin offered 3 pieces of suggestions as follows: First, the freshmen should be adapted to college life to be gradually independent and get mature and should learn to be self-management. Second, some difficulties or setbacks came into existence throughout one’s life. The students should take an optimistic attitude to those difficulties or setbacks and draw lessons from those difficulties or setbacks to develop themselves. Third, each major of GMU was fine. GMU would offer numerous resources and opportunities and build a fine campus atmosphere for students. Students should study hard, make a fine career plan, increasingly promote themselves and cherish time. Han Limin encouraged the students to continuously pay close attention to the development of GMU and raise more suggestions through GMU President Mailbox, School Leaders Reception Day and so forth.


      After the informal conference, the Division of Students’ Affairs organized the students to pay a visit to the GMU History Museum. Lian Lu, the secretary of school Youth Committee, introduced the 70 years’ history and culture of GMU, which made the students realize the contributions made by the previous generations of GMU and the accomplishments achieved since the establishment of GMU and really comprehend the honor as a member of GMU, and also made students increasingly convert the passion of loving GMU & China into the impetus of studying hard.