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Professor Zhou Ke from University of California Delivered a Lecture in GMU

Author: Posttime:2013-10-22 17:05:00 View Count:246

      On the evening of October 17, Professor Zhou Ke from University of California delivered a lecture on “Characteristics of American Culture and Society”in the Academic Hall of GMU. No seat was vacant. More than 500 persons, including the Vice-President Liu Qian, attended the lecture.
      Being detailed and pragmatic, Professor Zhou Ke’s lecture boasted American culture, social characteristics, the outlook on value, affairs, time and custom, and social code etc, opened the faculty’s international vision, boosted the realization on the cross-cultural capacities and offered a fine opportunity to know about the differences of Sino-American culture and society, which benefitted the faculty a lot.
      Of the interaction, the present students actively raised questions concerned and Professor Zhou Ke patiently offered the answer.