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GMU President Han Limin Had an Informal Meeting with the Young Teachers

Author: Posttime:2013-10-02 11:11:00 View Count:117

     On the afternoon of September 30, Han Limin, the GMU President and Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, had an informal meeting with the young teachers and emphasized that the benefit of the masses should be prioritized. Directors from different divisions and 20 young teachers from 8 schools attended the meeting.


      During the meeting, young teachers expressed themselves one after another, objectively analyzing their positions, teaching and scientific research and making suggestions on teaching quality, scientific level, talent introduction and cultivation, lab management, boosting degrees, professional title promotion, living etc.


      After the link, Han Limin extended a heartfelt thanks to those young teachers for GMU development. Han Liminregarded the School Leaders Reception Day as the effective channel to promote interaction between the school leaders and the staff, which was a fine opportunity for exchange. School leaders should seriously listen to the advice and suggestions. He emphasized that leaders should work as a server and mind the benefit of the masses to promote various undertakings to develop well and fast.
This meeting approached the end under harmonious atmosphere.