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GMU Overseas Students Held the Celebration of Eid Al-adha in 2013

Author: Posttime:2013-10-16 11:14:09 View Count:102

      October 15 was Eid Al-adha, the traditional festival of Muslim. And 64 GMU overseas students took the pleasure to spend the peaceful traditional festival based on the traditional customs.
      On behalf of GMU, Vice-President Liu Qian paid a visit to the overseas students, offered the best wishes, and encouraged them to study hard to serve the country based on solid professional knowledge.
      Before Eid Al-adha, Muslim did some cleaning, made various pastries, roasted Naans and made new clothes. During the morning of Eid Al-adha, the male took a shower, went to the mosque and slaughtered the cow and sheep. The Muslim visited the relatives and friends and so forth.