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The Symphony Orchestra Chorus of China Put on Performance in GMU

Author: Posttime:2013-11-05 10:59:00 View Count:246

         On the evening of November 4, the Symphony Orchestra Chorus of China put on performance in the Zhanggong Campus of GMU. GMU leaders Huang Linbang, Han Limin, Chen Xin, Liu Qian and around 1,000 students attended this chorus, enjoying the boundless music charm.


      Chen Xin pointed out in the speech that it was significant for this activity to enrich campus life, boost the artistic culture of college students, lead them to promote the excellent national culture, absorb the latest culture accomplishments and make them develop in an all-round way.


       Starting with the mixed chorus “FeiXiangbaSiXiang, Cheng ZheJinse de Chibang” or “Thoughts Fly with the Golden Wings”, this chorus made the audience be intoxicated with renowned classic works such as “Hawthorn Tree”, “My Home: the Beautiful Prairie”, “Lucid Wanquan River Water” etc. The performance had peaks over peaks in the female chorus “Man Tian de Hua yo Man Tian de Yun” or “Clouds across the Sky were like the Flowers” and “Yong Ge Yi Jiang Shui” or “The very River was the Eternal Divide” and the male quartette “Xiao Kan Xi” and “DaBanCheng’s Maids”. After the mixed chorus “Shi Song Hongjun”, “Ga e Li Tai” and “Unveil the Bride’s Veil”, the performance approached to the end. Interviewed by the student journalists of GMU School Newspaper, the Party Committee Secretary Huang Linbang said that each person should increasingly boost the artistic qualities. That the Symphony Orchestra Chorus of China Put on Performance in GMU aimed at letting students enjoy the high art. Everyone should cherish this unique opportunity to appreciate the beauty.