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GMU Held the“11•9” Fire Safety Drill

Author: Posttime:2013-11-11 11:06:00 View Count:88

       On the morning of November 8, GMU held the“11•9” Fire Safety Drill in the Huangjin Campus. 400 persons, including the students from 8 schools, staff from the Youth League Committee, Division of Security, Library, the First & Third Affiliated Hospital of GMU and Security Company, dorm supervisors and mess directors, participated in this drill.


       During the drill mobilization, the GMU Vice-President Chen Liang pointed out that GMU attached importance to the fire safety and teachers and students should cherish this opportunity. Each school should take this opportunity to lay solid foundation for the construction of the harmonious campus.



       After this drill, staff from the Division of Security introduced the knowledge concerning fire safety and first-aid, directed students to wear firefighter uniform, taught the methods for the usage of fire extinguisher and organized the teams from each school to carry out the contests on putting out fires and linking water bags rapidly.