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Doctor Delegation Went to GuangchangCounty to Carry out Charity Clinic

Author: Posttime:2013-11-18 14:57:00 View Count:82

      From November 14 to 16, directed by the Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of GMU Chenxin, five experts with doctoral degree went to the revolutionary area Guangchang County to carry out charity clinic.


      Located in the southwest of Guangchang County, Toubei town is 22 kilometers far from the county and boasts more than 240,000 people. Knowing the coming of the GMU experts, the residents early surrounded the charity clinic site so as to obtain the very service. Regardless of the fatigue, those who obtained doctoral degree, namely, Yu Hai, Mo Jiangwen and Deng Baoping, and director Liu Yuemei and Han Wenling quickly carried out service, inquired the mass medical history in detail, seriously examined the physique, gave the very suggestions for treatment, patiently answered the questions and distributed the leaflets to promote the health knowledge, which was well welcome by the local mass.


      Zeng Junquan, a resident in Toubei Town, said “The doctors’ technologies are superb. Their attitudes are fine. We are very satisfied”.


      8 widows/widowers lived the Nursing Home of the Toubie Town. Yu Hai, the doctor with doctoral degree, carefully made a diagnosis for each old person, patiently introduced the health knowledge and built the health archive for each old person. Besides, the delegation donated the medicine being worth more than 1,000 Yuan.


      In the Conference Room of the Guangchang Peoples’ Hospital, Liu Yuemei and Yu Hai respectively delivered the lectures “Empiric Therapy for the Children Chronic Cough” and “Stroke”


      Interviewed by GuanchangTelevision Station, Chenxin said “Guangchang County is the north gate of the former Central Soviet Area and is an important part. Located in the area, it is incumbent for GMU to serve the area people and GMU will make her contributions to the revitalization of this area.”