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GMU Held the Informal Meeting on Talent Affairs

Author: Posttime:2013-11-29 15:06:00 View Count:93

      On the afternoon of November 27, GMU held the informal meeting on talent affairs. Han Limin, the GMU President and Deputy Secretary of GMU Party Committee, and Liu Min, the Vice-President attended the meeting. So did the Party Secretary of each school, the directors from the Organization Department, Division of Academic Affairs, Division of Science & Research, Discipline Development Office, and Personnel Division staff.
      During the meeting, Han Liminwas positive to the achievements on talents development and put forward 5 requirements. Namely, GMU should have exchange with overseas key universities to boost the quality of talent training. Thinking must be transformed to broaden the channels of selecting talents so as to recruit valuable talents. Introducing high-level talents should parallel with on-the-job cultivation talents of GMU. Based on GMU orientation, priority should be put in place and GMU should cultivate the needed talents. Staff concerned must know GMU policies concerned so as to introduce excellent talents.
      This meeting proceeded under fervent atmosphere. Based on the talent fundamentals of GMU, the present staff had an in-depth discussion in terms of how to build the fine introduction atmosphere, how to tackle the relation between teaching and scientific research, how to build and improve the relevant examination and eva luation criterion and mechanism, how to give play to the high-level personnel etc. And they put forward numerous useful advice and suggestions, which offered vital basis to further improve the work, complete the systems and make policies.