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SBMS Carries Out the Tug-of-war Competition of the Freshmen Classes

Author: Posttime:2017-12-29 15:36:00 View Count:165

     In late December, the School of Basic Medicine Sciences (SBMS) carried out the Tug-of-war Competition of the freshmen classes under the theme of "Love the Collective, Honor the Class ". 16 teams from the Batch 2017 of the SBMS participated in the competition.
    After several rounds of intense competition, Class 5 of Batch 2017 Clinical Medicine Sciences won the first place. Class 2 of Batch 2017 Clinical Medicine Sciences the second place. And the class of Forensic Medicine Sciences the third place.




    Student Yang Yuechuan from Class 5 of Batch 2017 Clinical Medicine Sciences said that the competition is meaningful to train everyone's physique and strengthen the class cohesion and sense of collective honor.