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SBMS Volunteers Signs the Fixed-point Voluntary Service Agreement

Author: Posttime:2018-01-02 15:40:00 View Count:223

    In December 26, the volunteers of the School of Basic Medicine Sciences (SBMS) signed the Fixed-point Voluntary Service Agreement with the Xiyanghong Apartment for the Old.

    In the speech, Zhang Zhe, the director of the Xiyanghong Apartment for the Old, praised the good manners of the students in carrying forward the traditional virtue of respecting the old, and extended the affirmation and thanks for the volunteering service. Zeng Tianyu, the person in charge of the service team, introduced the basic situation of the Xiyanghong Apartment for the Old and the related progress of volunteer activities, and hoped the voluntary activities to continue smoothly after signing the agreement. Subsequently, SBMS teacher Li Xiaowen signed a long-term cooperation agreement with the dean of Xiyanghong Apartment for the Old, and the opposite party presented a banner to the SBMS volunteers.