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School of Pharmacology Held the First “ShiZhen Cup” TCM Culture Festival

Author: Posttime:2013-11-20 15:26:00 View Count:87

      The Medicinal Plant Garden Management Center (MPGMC)of School of Pharmacology (SP) held the first “ShiZhen Cup” TCM Culture Festival, which boasted 4 parts, namely,medicinal plants clerkship of campus, daily Chinese herbal medicine, TCM culture galleria and TCM health care lectures.
      During the festival, TCM atlas, crude drugs, specimens, herbs, pottings made by the students of the MPGMC and 8 TCM Culture Posters attracted numerous students. The lecture “Health Care with TCM” delivered by the doctor of the TCM Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU Lin Tangtangenjoyed a warm welcome.
      In order to well hold this festival, the MPGMC students made a plan more than a month in advance and consulted with the teachers of the SP and the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU. They said that they would impart the TCM culture to the students and adhere to inheriting and promoting TCM culture.