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SBMS Takes Measures to Guarantee the Style of the Final Examination

Author: Posttime:2018-01-18 18:23:00 View Count:212

    The final exam is on the way. School of Basic Medicine Science (SBMS) took measures to guarantee the Style of the Final Examination.
    First, the students’ self-study system was standardized and the attendance of students was mastered. Teachers should keep track of the situation and timely grasp students’ attendance to ensure that the students had enough time to study for the final exam.


    Second, class meeting was carried out to establish a good sense of integrity examination consciousness, emphasizing the regulations of the school status and examination and strengthening the understanding of the examination.

  Third, counselors went into students’ dormitories and classrooms to concern students’ learning and life, and timely dissolve students’ problems of their learning and life. Meanwhile, students were required to keep the dormitory clean and tidy and establish good learning habits.

     Fourth, teachers concerned were invited to carry out course guidance, conduct course guidance, help students to consolidate more knowledge points and teach study skills so as to improve learning performance.