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The International Education Program “HEAL” is Launched in the FAHGMU

Author: Posttime:2018-02-09 15:58:00 View Count:212

    HEAL, an international education program, and the group training on wounds were officially launched in Zhangong Branch of the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU(FAHGMU) on February 2nd. Nursing backbones such as head nurses of each department, and pressure sores administrators from FAHGMU attended the training.       

    At first,Han Qingbo, the deputy director of the nursing department of FAHGMU introduced the wound or skin care HEAL education projects, hoping all nursing staff  to improve their professional capacities and professional knowledge through learning and training and apply them to manage patients’ wound or skin so as to relieve their pain and accelerate the recovery. Besides, he announced that HEAL education project on wound care was officially launched in FAHGMU.
    Lan Xiaoling, the head nurse of the wound team, provided the first theoretical training "Stress Injury" for all nurses in the hospital. All participators were fascinated by the vivid lecture.