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FAHGMU Holds an Food Poisoning Emergency Drill

Author: Posttime:2018-03-01 00:00:00 View Count:451

    The First Affiliated Hospital of GMU(FAHGMU) held an emergency drill for food poisoning in the canteen on March 1st. The drill was organized by the general department of the hospital. The medical department, the nursing department, the security department, the emergency department and other departments participated.
    The emergency drill kicked off at 10 a.m..Two people dining in the canteen suffered from "poisoning symptoms", such as abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting. Then the patrol staff noticed the abnormal phenomena, including pale looking. And they immediately reported it to their supervisors.
     Hearing the news,the canteen manager rushed to the scene without delay to check the situation, called medical staff of the emergency department and reported to the general affairs department of the hospital. Then, it was immediately reported to the vice President of the hospital who at once announced the emergency plan for food poisoning.The head of the general affairs department and the relevant department staff dashed to the canteen after receiving the phone call, and demanded "immediate closure of the scene and the kitchen, and all the canteen personnel’s cooperation with the investigation on the scene".Safeguard department personnel sealed off the scene, as well as the food and reserved samples for future reference. They also promptly reported to the Ganzhou authorities to request identification, did investigation for the incident and the canteen was sealed off. Emergency medical staff rushed to the scene and gave first aid to "poisoned" personnel.The drill went on in a tense and orderly manner.
    Soon after the drill, general affairs department, safeguard department, emergency department, canteen and other related departments and personnel gave their feed-backs on the actual practice, finding out the weakness and putting forward improvement opinion accordingly. They requested that the food safety management should be strengthened in the following aspects: procurement, storage, cleaning, cutting, cooking, cleaning and disinfection tableware, staff hygiene, food retention samples and leftovers. All the above should be carried out based on the regulation in order to prevent the occurrence of food poisoning, improve the emergency response ability and level of emergency disposal of public health emergencies.