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School of Basic Medicine Sciences Held the 5th Line Dance Contest

Author: Posttime:2013-11-27 15:35:00 View Count:85

       On November 23, the 5th Line Dance Contest of School of Basic Medicine Sciences (SBMC) was held in the Huangjin Campus. The Deputy Secretary of Party Committee Yu Yijun and all teachers of the Students’ Affairs Office of SBMC were invited to act as the judges.


      12 teams from Batch 2013 put on performance the innovative Kickboxing, Square Dance, Hip-hop and Jazz Dance, which presented an exquisite and delicate visual feast. Contestants’ performance reached multiple climax and cheerleaders loudly cheered, which built the boisterous atmosphere. After intensive competition, performed jointly by Class 15 & 16 majoring in MBBS, “Qiu Tong Kickboxing: ZhongquanChuji” or “Qiu Tong Kickboxing: Gun Metal” won the championship with the dynamic rhythm and fine mental outlook.