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"Benevolence Cup" Students’ Debate Competition of School of Basic Medicine Sciences Ends

Author: Posttime:2018-04-02 14:12:00 View Count:452

    The final of the "Benevolence Cup" Students’ Debate Competition ended on the evening of March 30.

    In the finals, the debate focused on “Should college students be based on market demand or their own advantages?”.The competition began with the argument of proponent No.1 who made it clear that the market demand was easy to grasp and its direction was clear. But debaters of negative side thought the market demand was unstable. Instead, one’s own advantages are more competitive.In free debate round, the two sides’ thinking were careful. They criticized each other by taking examples such as Gree Electric Appliances, INC. and the story of Mencius' mother moving her home three times.The competition was cut-throat, and the two sides inspired applause from the audience with their logic and ration.
    In the end, the jury made comments on both sides and declared the winning party the proponent side, with the best debater being the debater No.4 Huang Bingjie from the negative side.
    It’s known that "Benevolence Cup" Students’ Debate Competition taking civilization and cultivation as the theme, comprising preliminaries and semi-finals, finals, 16 rounds in total. It attracted more than 300 students, contributing to the building of civilized and orderly campus environment,and promotion of the humanity education in GMU. The four finalists would represent the School of Basic Medicine Sciences in the "Truck-Cross Cup" Debate Competition at university level.