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School of Pharmacy Class Meeting under the Theme “Loving Family” is Touching.

Author: Posttime:2018-04-13 14:18:00 View Count:641

    "Filial piety" is what we should bear in mind. Recently, the class meeting on benevolence education “love family” was held by School of Pharmacy, touching students a lot.

     After watching videos, students shared stories of their families. Some students said "Parents are closest to us in blood relationship, but we don't understand our parents. No matter how excellent one is, he/she gets nothing actually." They realized that they had ignored their parents who selflessly love them time and time again. Drawing the lesson, they hoped to open hearts to their parents, make frequent communication, listen to their thoughts and accompany their parents.

    "Loving family" is "filial piety". The themed class meeting inspired students to reflect and gradually realize the importance of loving family. They said that they would remember their parents’ love and care, and practise action to explain what was filial piety and love.