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The 6th Book Culture Festival Launching Ceremony and the "Reading Star" Final are Held in GMU.

Author: Posttime:2018-04-13 14:19:00 View Count:664

    On April 11th, the 6th Book Culture Festival Launching Ceremony and the "Reading Star" Final were held in Huangjin campus of GMU. Curator of the library Tan Zongmei, the Library Party Secretary of CPC Liu Lian, directors of the  departments of the library, representatives of the librarians and members of the reading society, participated in the event.

    Liu Lian reviewed the fifth Book Culture Festival activities, and introduced the theme of the sixth one, activities to be carried out, in hope of students to read more books and good books.
    The "Reading Star" final made its first appearance on the sixth Book Culture Festival where contestants brought acoustic enjoyment for the audience. Some of them were impassioned and displayed contemporary youth’s patriotic enthusiasm. Some told the story and the feelings of life, and others expressed thanks for their parents with gratitude. Still, others read with fresh and beautiful articles, radiating the vitality of youth. In this intense competition, "We Seem to Be Very Rich in Those Years" , "Ode to Thunder and Lightning", and "Encounter" secured the first prize. The "Reading Star" activity has been actively participated in by more than 200 contestants in GMU. After the preliminary and semi-final of the competition, there were 25 entries in the final round.
Tan Zongmei made an wonderful comment and called on students to participate in reading, cultivate their mind, increase their wisdom, open the door of success, know beauty, appreciate beauty and enjoy life in the process of reading.