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The AHJGSU Paid a Visit to the FAHGMU

Author: Posttime:2013-11-29 15:36:00 View Count:94

       Recently, led by Zeng Chang’ai, the director of the Affiliated Hospital of Jinggangshang University (AHJGSU), 30 AHJGSU leaders, including the directors in charge of executive departments and clinical medical department, paid a visit to the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU (FAHGMU). The FAHGMU leaders Zhang Zixiang, QiuYuequn, Yan Guofang, Wei Xiaojun, Zeng Xianggui, Wang Xiaonong and part of departmentsdirectors met this delegation.
      FAHGMU Party Committee Secretary Zhang Zixiang hosted this opening meeting and extended a warm welcome to the delegation. By way of PPT with illustrations and pictures, QiuYuequn introduced the fundamentals of FAHGMU in detail. As for the FAHGMU development, he hoped the two hospitals intensified exchange and cooperation to realize the leap-forward development and better serve the society. Meanwhile, the two hospitals’ friendship will be further promoted via exchange to achieve the common progress.
      Directors from more than 20 departments such as Department of Vasculocardiology, Anesthesiology, Quality Control met the corresponding directors of AHJGSU. This visit offered a valuable opportunity for mutual learning and it was significant to promote mutual work levels.