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The Sixth Host Competition of GMU Ends

Author: Posttime:2018-05-08 19:08:00 View Count:214

    On the evening of May 5, the final contest of the 6th Host Competition was organized by the propaganda department of the GMU Party Committee of CPC and held by the GMU Radio Station.

    The competition was held on the topic of ten candidates selected by Shanghai Baolijin Company. The competition consisted of three rounds. The first part was self-introduction and talent show. The second part was the simulated host. The competitors should perform in pairs. In the final dubbing round, contestants dubbed selected episodes of the TV series.

    In the end, Cai Yufei won the championship. Tian Dawei and Zhang Sishi came second and third respectively. Zheng Chengyao won the best creative award. Wang Hongshuo notched the best voice award. Shen Yiji obtained best image award. Ding Meiyan won the best eloquence award. Lou Hao got best popularity award. Zhu Yuhan was awarded the most attractive prize, and Zhuang QiuXi was awarded the most elegant demeanor prize.