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The Dormitory Design Competition of School of Basic Medicine Sciences in 2018 Ends

Author: Posttime:2018-05-11 19:10:00 View Count:272

    On the evening of May 4, the final competition of "Room with Infinite Creativity" Dormitory Design Competition of School of Basic Medicine Sciences ended in Huangjin campus.

    After several rounds of preliminary and semi-final competitions, 10 dorms were selected from 63 teams to compete in the final. During the final, all dormitory members presented their ideas in the form of video and PPT to the judges and audience, showing room designs of different styles and harmonious dormitory members’ relationships and reflecting individual talents and collective strength. At the same time, emergency response not only created tension of the atmosphere, but also enhanced the understanding of the dormitory related system. Liu Huan from batch 2017 clinical medical undergraduate class four said "The competition can enhance the cohesion between the dormitory members, promote good living and learning environment, and hone their abilities."

    It’s known that the Dormitory Design Competition has been one of the education and intellectuals engineering measures, with the purpose of creating the civilized harmony dormitory atmosphere, strengthening students’ love towards bedroom, inspiring enthusiasm for learning.