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The First Mental Health Ambassador Competition of GMU Ends

Author: Posttime:2018-05-28 19:14:00 View Count:369

    On the evening of May 27, GMU psychological counseling center held the first "5.25 Mental Health Ambassador Competition".

    The competition was divided into three rounds, namely, speech, scene simulation and talent display. Eight competitors entered the final, showing the spirits of youth, fashion and health of college students.
    The competition aimed to select those who were positive, cheerful, helpful and good at communication and expression, and those who had basic knowledge of psychology, a good mass base and the huge influence among students to publicize the mental health education, give full play to their role models. At the same time, through the competition, education knowledge of mental health spread. The participation consciousness of teachers and students was cultivated. The significance and function of education in mental health were clarified, and the upsurge of safeguarding mental health was aroused in GMU.