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FAHGMU Holds the Mobilization Meeting for National Health City

Author: Posttime:2018-06-09 10:08:00 View Count:336

    On the afternoon of June 8, FAHGMU held the mobilization meeting for national health city in Zhanggong District. Zou Xiaofeng, the vice president of FAHGMU presided over the meeting, and vice president Wei Xiaojun made a mobilization speech. Members of the leading group and all middle-level leaders attended the meeting.

    Wei Xiaojun conveyed related conference spirits of Ganzhou municipal party committee, municipal government and the municipal public health commission, introduced the leading group of FAHGMU in the work of national health city, target, steps and main measures of national health city, and paid special attention to eight aspects, such as the patriotic health organization management, health education and health promotion, city environmental sanitation, environmental protection, health, food and drinking water safety, public health and medical services, and vector biological prevention and control work, assigned the work to each department, and emphasized responsibility for one’s own work.

    In order to build a national health city, Wei Xiaojun stressed that everyone should firstly attach great importance to the building of a national health city, raise the standing position, and build a strong consensus on the establishment of a national health city. Secondly, everyone needed to carefully have fine organization, set standards, and make efforts to promote the work. Thirdly, everyone had to make comprehensive progress and work together to ensure the effective implementation of the work. At the same time, he called on all the faculty to take Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era as guidance, firmly grasped this great opportunity of national health city, advanced the health family planning in three years with more consensus, greater determination and stronger measures, improved medical quality, medical service and health level, and promoted the implementation of policies by municipal party committee, municipal government, municipal planning commission, and GMU, in order to write a new chapter for GMU development, and make contributions to create a national health city.