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The Second Campus "Top Ten Journalists" Competition Ends

Author: Posttime:2018-06-12 10:11:00 View Count:470

    On the evening of June 8, the final of the Second Campus "Top Ten Journalists" Competition, organized by GMU's party committee propaganda department and the editorial department of GMU newspaper, was held in Huangjin campus.

    After the audition and preliminary contest, a total of 10 contestants entered the final which was divided into PK round and talent show. Wu Zixuan and Du Liang broadcast the news of Jiangxi medical science in funny way. The star interview show of Huang Shanshan and Zhang Rongrong reflected the phenomenon of blindly chasing stars in today's society. The "malformed" doctor-patient relationship was presented in forms of sitcoms and interviews by Li Zhihao and Zhang Jin who called on everyone to treat the doctor-patient relationship with a rational attitude. Ye Qinmin and Xie Qun's took the winter Olympics as laugh stock, which was deemed to be thought-provoking. Ding Yajun and Fang Zhaoxue's "Meet the Youth and Meet You" showed the beautiful youth and youth full of struggle.

    During the talent show, Ye Qinmin and his partner presented cross-talk "Braggadocio”, making the audience burst into laughter repeatedly. Ding Yajun, Zhang Rongrong and Fang Zhaoxue performed dance in a graceful and dynamic way. Wu Zixuan, Du Liang and Li Zhihao sang a song. Huang Shanshan, Zhang Jin and Xie Qun sang “My South and North”, expressing their love and attachment to the beautiful rivers and mountains of China.

    After fierce competition, Xie Qun won the first prize. Zhang Rongrong and Huang Shanshan won the second and third prizes respectively. Ye Qinmin won the best popularity award. Meanwhile, the competition also honored the winners of the 4th Press Photo Contest and the First "Campus Reporters in Action" VCR Competition. The works of Du Liang, Peng Yangping, Chen Jinhong, Xie Shuting, Cheng Jie, Huang Shanshan, Hu Shiju, Li Zhengwei, Yuan Shuang and Zhong Ziwei won the "Top Ten News Pictures" of the 4th Press Photo Contest. Zeng Jia won the first prize in the First "Campus Reporters in Action" VCR Competition, Zeng Xinhui won the second prize, while Hu Shiju and Zhong Ziwei won the third prize.