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The FAHGMU Holds the 2018 Football Tournament to Welcome the New Arrivals

Author: Posttime:2018-10-17 16:36:00 View Count:222

    The Staff and Teachers Football Association and the Students Football Association of FAHGMU gathered on the playground and played a colorful football match.

    GMU President Liu Qian took part in the competition and gave a speech before the competition. Liu Qian pointed out that all here today were teachers and students who loved sports. Campus sports and cultural activities required the efforts of teachers and students. He hoped that teachers can actively guide the majority of the students to develop a healthy lifestyle, stay away from computer and mobile games, and devote more energy to exercises.

    With the referee's whistle, the game officially kicked off. The teachers worked well with each other. The students were full of energy. In spite of the cool wind and drizzle, the enthusiasm of the teachers and students had not decreased.

    Off the field, the bench players and the audience were full of energy and fixed on the situation in the field. When the teachers and students scored a ball, they cheered. When their team fell behind, they shouted "Come on". They applauded when the players scored.

    After 90-minute intense competition, the football match ended in the relaxing atmosphere.