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GMU Library Awards the Advanced Individuals and Advanced Collectives for Volunteer Service in 2017

Author: Posttime:2018-10-30 09:48:00 View Count:185

    At noon on October 29th, the 2017 Summary & Award Meeting of GMU Library Volunteer Service Work was held in the library of Huangjin Campus. Zhong Jirun, the minister of the Propaganda Department of the GMU Party Committee of CPC, and Zheng Zhi, the deputy secretary of Youth League Committee of GMU, attended the meeting and delivered speeches. The leaders and teachers of the GMU library, representatives of teachers of each school, representatives of the youth volunteers, representatives of Batch 2017 and Batch 2018 volunteers, and members of the Students’ Management Committee of the GMU library participated in the meeting.

    Tan Zongmei, the director of the GMU library, introduced the student volunteer service work in 2017. Zheng Zhi announced the list of excellent volunteer collectives, excellent leaders of volunteers and excellent volunteers. Representatives of volunteers gave a speech on volunteer service. In the speech, Zhong Jirun congratulated the awarded advanced collectives and individuals and encouraged the new volunteers to make further efforts to make greater contributions to the voluntary service of GMU library.
    A total of 12 volunteer collectives, 6 volunteer leaders and 72 excellent volunteers were awarded. Leaders and teachers presented awards to the advanced collectives and individuals.