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School of Humanities & Social Sciences Holds the Young Teachers’ Teaching Contest in 2018

Author: Posttime:2018-11-10 18:50:00 View Count:216

    In order to further promote the development of the young teachers’ majors and teaching ability, on the afternoon of November 9th, the Young Teachers’ Teaching Contest of School of Humanities & Social Sciences in 2018 was held. Six teachers entered the final after the selection of the preliminary contest in each department. GMU vice-president Liu Min, all the faculty and staff of the School of Humanities & Social Sciences, as well as some teachers of other departments, attended the competition.

    School of Humanities & Social Sciences adopted a new competition score system this year. Each department selected 1-3 judges and a total of 13 judges. After deleting the highest score and the lowest score, the average score was calculated to determine the ranking order.
    In the end, Liao Huiyun from Department of Psychology won the first prize. Zhu Xiufang and He Yan from Department of Foreign Languages won the second prize.  Ye Ziyun from Department of Law, Xiaohan from Department of Art Teaching and Research, and Wen Huabin from Department of Management Science, won the third prize.
    GMU Vice-President Liu Min presented awards to the winners and made a speech.