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The First Poetry Competition of GMU Library Ends Successfully

Author: Posttime:2018-12-03 10:50:00 View Count:314

    In order to promote the traditional Chinese culture, enjoy the beauty of Chinese poetry, and stimulate the interest and love of the Chinese culture of students. On December 1st, the GMU library held the final of the Poetry Competition “Appreciating Chinese Poetry, Seeking Confidants and Enjoying the Beauty of Life”.

    It is reported that the Poetry Competition started on November 16th and it was divided into preliminary, semi-final and final. More than 200 participants participated in the preliminary competition. After several rounds of selection, 32 teams entered the semi-final. After intense competition, a total of 16 people from 8 teams entered the final.

    During the final, each team loudly shouted out their team names and slogans, showing their confidence and style. After three rounds of competition, the first group of Kuang Qi and Ding Ping won the first place.

    Students of Classical Music Association of GMU also showed an ensemble of guzheng and pipa "Yao Dance" to the audience. Liu Lian, the Secretary of Party General Branch of the Library of GMU, said in her comment "Meeting with poetry is a great fortune in life. We should cherish our relationship with poetry, cultivate our sentiment in poetry and improve ourselves."