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The TAHGMU Carries Out Simulated Exercise of Blood Transfusion Operation

Author: Posttime:2019-01-16 13:51:00 View Count:245

    On the afternoon of January 7th, a simulated exercise of blood transfusion operation was held in the Third Affiliated Hospital of GMU (TAHGMU). Six health technicians from the laboratory, internal medicine and surgery of the TAHGMU were divided into two groups, A and B respectively performed the operation drills of chronic anemia and blood rescue. Zhong Yi and Zhao Na from Ganzhou Central Medical Treatment came to give guidance and assessment.

    Group A did the chronic anemia blood transfusion drill. Group B the blood rescue operation drill after massive hemorrhage.

    The two groups of personnel conducted a set of process drills from the normative filling in the record book to the nursing before and after the blood transfusion, the patient's adverse reaction to blood transfusion and the report. After the drills, the questions were asked on the spot, and the shortcomings in the drills were summarized and pointed out.