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The General Surgery of Zhanggong Branch of the FAHGMU is Founded

Author: Posttime:2019-02-15 13:53:00 View Count:225

    In order to better accommodate the patients and facilitate their treatment, the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU (FAHGMU) set up a new General Surgery in Zhanggong Area of FAHGMU on February 14th. The general surgery is a comprehensive department which integrates the treatment of various surgical diseases. It brings together the doctors of vascular department, breast department, gastrointestinal surgery, hepatobiliary surgery and emergency surgery.

    On the morning of the same day, Zou Xiaofeng, the president of the FAHGMU, Peng Lei, the Secretary of Students Party General Branch of FAHGMU of CPC, Professor Wang Xiaonong, leader of the general surgery, Wang Jianzhong, director of the medical department, Han Qingbo, deputy director of the nursing department, held a brief opening ceremony for the general surgery of the FAHGMU.

    Liu Xiaoping, the head of the department, said that the general surgery of Zhanggong Area of FAHGMU would be in line with the medical oath of "Health and Life" and contribute its own strength to the development and expansion of the FAHGMU.
    Zhong Baoyuan, deputy director of the department, said that everything was difficult at the beginning and it was not difficult after that. The establishment of general surgery in Zhanggong Area was an urgent need for further development of the FAHGMU and would also provide more efficient and convenient medical services for the majority of patients.