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The Internal Medicine Department of the TAHGMU Enthusiastically Treats a Passenger of a Train

Author: Posttime:2019-03-01 17:32:00 View Count:271

On the evening of February 27, a middle-aged female passenger who got on the train from Dongguan to Xiangyang was suddenly fainted on the Train K1656, and was sent to the Internal Medicine Department of the Third Affiliated Hospital of GMU (TAHGMU) for treatment. The medical staff of TAHGMU carefully examined and treated her, and the patient's condition soon improved significantly.

During the hospitalization, Hu Jun, the deputy chief physician of TAHGMU, contacted the patient's family members several times and told them about the illness. He learned that the passenger had a history of mental illness and had a low level of education. Knowing that the family members were unable to come over, the patient's mood was fluctuating and restless. Considering the special situation of the patient, Liu Xiaochun, the director of the Internal Medicine Department, arranged Dr. He Senkun to specifically care for the patient. Dr. He took good care of her and accompanied her to the cafeteria for breakfast and chatted with her. On 28th, he helped the patient with discharge procedures.

After discharging from the TAHGMU, Dr. He accompanied the patient to Ganzhou Railway Station and explained the situation to the station staff. With the warm help of the station staff, the patient smoothly entered the waiting room and successfully boarded the Train T128. Dr. He also recorded the phone number of the patient and her family, and from time to time contacted the patient and her family. At 4 o'clock in the morning of March 1, the patient returned to her home.