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Young Volunteers of SBMS Go to the Tandong Geracomium for Volunteer Activities

Author: Posttime:2019-04-16 17:37:00 View Count:171

    On April 14, the Youth Volunteer Service Team of School of Basic Medicine Sciences (SBMS), together with students of MBBS Class 12 of Batch2018, went to Tandong Geracomium to carry out volunteer service activities.

    In the Geracomium, volunteers sat around the elderly, chatted with them and knew about their living and physical conditions. They measured their     blood pressure and set up health records for the elderly. And they performed programs for the elderly, which popular old songs drove the elderly to sing lightly and energetic dance made the elderly feel young. An old man patted the volunteer’s hand around him and said happily "It's very kind of you to come to see me. I really want you to accompany me a lot." The old people's faces were filled with happy smiles, enjoying full of warmth.