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The Seventh Book Culture Festival Theme Party Approaches to the End

Author: Posttime:2019-04-22 17:45:00 View Count:175

    A person gives a display to his fine outlook with knowledge only. A person gives a display to his far distance with knowledge only. On the evening of April 19, the World Reading Day on April 23 and the 7th Book Culture Festival Theme Party were held in Huang Campus. More than 200 people, including GMU Propaganda Department director, the Secretary of Library Party Committee of CPC, the teachers and students’ representatives of the "Top 10 Reading Stars", the Library teachers and the Library student management committee, watched the performance together.

    The party program was rich and diverse in content and form. A passionate chorus "My Motherland and I" opened the evening. The acoustics of the Guzheng solo "Pipa Yu" was unforgettable. T-stage Show Book Recommendation let the audience feel the charm of reading. During the event, the top 10 readers in 2018 were also honored.
    The theme of this Book Culture Festival is "Reading, Struggle and Belief". It aims to further guide teachers and students to read extensively, create an atmosphere of reading, build a campus of reading, take books as companions, make friends with and absorb knowledge together.