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The 6th Pharmaceutical Encyclopedia Knowledge Competition of SP Approaches to the End

Author: Posttime:2019-05-06 08:38:00 View Count:171

    On April 29, the 6th Medical Encyclopedia Knowledge Competition, sponsored by the Youth League Committee of the School of Pharmacy (SP) and the Management Center of the Medical Botanical Garden, successfully approached to the end.

    The competition consisted of five links, the required answer, the rush answer, the identification of traditional Chinese medicine, the inspiration of the Chinese medicinal material version and the risk question. The students contested to promote learning and the contest link enjoyed brilliant scenes. After a fierce competition, the third group of players Liu Xianchen and Feng Kang won the first prize. The seventh group of players Lai Liting, Fu Huiling and the second group of players Ai Jiapei, He Qiuhua the second prize. The first group of five groups of players the third prize.