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SR Holds the First Scientific Research Salon

Author: Posttime:2019-05-07 08:39:00 View Count:220

    On the morning of May 6, the School of Rehabilitation (SR) held the first Scientific Research Salon and the regular meeting of teaching and scientific research. By the way of scientific research salon, disciplines construction and scientific research innovation were discussed together. Associate dean Wen Youliang presided over the meeting. The SR leaders, Chen Jianwen, Ye Zhenli, the heads of departments and the representatives of doctoral teachers, attended the meeting.

    Wen Youliang first pointed out the importance of discipline construction and scientific research innovation. He hoped to strengthen academic exchanges through scientific research salon, strengthen discipline construction of rehabilitation medicine specialty, clarify the direction of new rehabilitation scientific research, form a joint force of scientific research and innovation, and foster a scientific research atmosphere in the SR. Chen Jianwen hoped that teachers will do a good job of scientific research and innovation in combination with professional background and medical education.
    The meeting was held in two stages. The first stage was a salon-style discussion with the theme of scientific research innovation. Dr. Niu Yanlong first introduced the exercise therapy for Alzheimer's disease (AD) patients, and drew the conclusion that exercise was the starting point of the study. The delegates made speeches one after another to launch a heated discussion on the research direction and the formation of scientific research teams. The second stage was the “flow” report, with the subject construction as the theme, reporting and exchanging on the training objectives and teaching progress, and further standardizing the discipline construction and teaching order.


    It is reported that since this week, the SR has changed its weekly regular meeting of teaching into regular one of teaching and research. Through scientific research salon and other forms, the discipline construction has been continuously consolidated and the atmosphere of scientific research has been fostered.