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Nursing Popular Science Education Base of FAHGMU Holds the Medical Outreach Activities

Author: Posttime:2019-05-14 16:44:00 View Count:203

    In response to the call of the Chinese Nursing Society to carry out science popularization week activities during the International Nurses’ Day, the nursing science education base and the medical service development department of the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU (FAHGMU) recently joined hands with nursing teams of geriatrics specialty and diabetes specialty to carry out science popularization education activities on the theme "Science and Technology for People's Livelihood and Science Popularization for Health -- Disease Prevention and Health Promotion" in the No. 719 Community of Ganzhou Economic & Technology Development District.

    During the activity, the medical staff measured blood pressure and blood sugar for the elderly free of charge, and carried out health education on the prevention and nursing of chronic diseases such as chronic respiratory diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes and so on. Medical service team provided free diagnosis and treatment for the elderly, screened diseases for sub-healthy people, gave advice on medical treatment, and conducted disease knowledge education and medication guidance for patients with chronic diseases. Experts consulted more than 60 people for community residents, measured blood sugar for more than 100 people, measured blood pressure for more than 120 people, and distributed more than 200 health education publicity materials.

    Xu Jun, a senior dietitian, taught practical diet education for community residents on how to buy vegetables, how to cook etc. The course was easy to understand. The majority of residents can understand it as soon as they learn it, and they can operate when they went home.

    Zuo Huimin from the Department of Respiratory Medicine gave a health lecture on "Self-management of COPD". Head nurse Chen Genxiu led the people to do breathing exercises on the spot.

    In commemoration of World Asthma Day, free drugs worth of 2,400 Yuan were distributed to the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and chronic respiratory disease (COPD) patients requiring long-term medication.