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The First Covered Tracheal Stent Implantation in the FAHGMU is Completed

Author: Posttime:2019-05-17 16:52:00 View Count:296

    Recently, the interventional therapy team of the Respiratory Medicine Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU (FAHGMU) successfully completed the implantation of covered tracheal stent under electronic bronchoscope for a patient with respiratory obstruction and hypopharyngeal cancer, which saved the life of this patient and saved valuable time for follow-up treatment. This is the first case of covered tracheal stent implantation in Ganzhou City.

    The patient was admitted to the hospital because of progressive aggravation of dyspnea, and could not be alleviated after endotracheal intubation and ventilator-assisted ventilation. Then, chest CT enhanced scan was performed to clarify the pathological changes and scope. After consultation with Liu Weiyou, the director of Respiratory Medicine Department, and the deputy director Li Jie, tracheal stent implantation was recommended to relieve airway stenosis and improve patient ventilation. After discussion by the Subspecialty Group of Interventional Therapy in Respiratory Medicine Department, it was decided to implant the covered tracheal stent for the patient.
    On the afternoon of May 8, Li Jie led the interventional therapy team to successfully complete the implantation of covered tracheal stent under electronic bronchoscope. After operation, the symptoms of airway obstruction were significantly improved. Tracheal intubation was successfully removed, and the next day the patient was transferred to the general ward.