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The FAHGMU Launches the “National Nutrition Week” Activities in 2019

Author: Posttime:2019-05-17 16:53:00 View Count:307

    May 12-18 is the "National Nutrition Week" in 2019. In order to promote the formation of people's healthy life concept and way of "Reasonable Diet" and "Balance between Eating and Exercise", on May 14 and 15, the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU (FAHGMU) organized a total of more than 10 nutritionists, including those from other hospitals in Ganzhou, to carry out the National Nutrition Week propaganda activities in the two branches of the FAHGMU.

    Zhang Xiaokang, GMU Vice-President and Secretary of the Party Committee of FAHGMU, went to the activity site and said that experts would continue to be regularized to organize free clinics and health education inside and outside the hospital, disseminate knowledge of healthy diet, and promote reasonable diet and healthy lifestyle of citizens. Dr. Zeng Xiangtai, a member of the Party Committee of FAHGMU, introduced that a group of volunteers would be trained, and experts and volunteers would be regularly arranged to go to the community and schools to conduct special lectures and guidance on promoting healthy life, to disseminate core nutrition knowledge, and to provide practical and high-quality nutrition and health guidance and services for the public.

    During the "National Nutrition Week", the FAHGMU propagated the concept of "Reasonable Diet" through screen play, banners hanging and promotional materials, carried out expert lectures, free clinic consultation, patients’ experience of "Diet Treatment" and nutrition promotion volunteer training, so as to enable the masses to deeply understand and intuitively perceive the importance and operability of nutritional health and reasonable diet.

    At the same time, FAHGMU publicized nutrition and health knowledge for the people in the locale, formulated a free medical nutrition management program for obese patients, showed how to control total energy intake and maintain energy balance through specific programs.

    Expert delegations and volunteers also distributed health education materials for the masses, and presented oil kettles and salt spoons without charge.
    The event also invited diabetics to experience the diabetes diet treatment, and eva luated the excellent color, aroma and taste of this nutritional meal.
    Xu Jun, a national dietitian, also explained the diet matching of diabetes treatment for patients and their families.
    More than 500 people received consultation at the event site and more than 2,000 publicity materials were distributed, which achieved good results.