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FAHGMU Holds the First Youth Evening Informal Meeting

Author: Posttime:2019-05-21 16:45:00 View Count:307

    In order to deeply know about young people, gather the strength of youth and seek the road of development together, on the evening of May 16, the Youth League Committee of the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU (FAHGMU) held the first Youth Evening Informal Meeting. FAHGMU President Zou Xiaofeng delivered a speech in this meeting. Young doctors attending the meeting raised advice and suggestions for the development of FAHGMU and GMU in terms of the speech of the Secretary of GMU Party Committee of CPC Li Gongjin at the conference for the commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of the May 4th Movement.

    In his speech, Zou Xiaofeng shared his youth experience and recalled the history of the development of the FAHGMU. He pointed out that versatile young people indicated a powerful country. So was a hospital. He hoped that the young people in the FAHGMU should build dreams. Second, they were willing to bear hardships. Third, they dared to make a difference.

    Zou Xiaofeng called on youth representatives to give less praise and more criticism, and to make advice or suggestions on the development themes such as medical disorder remediation, 6S lean management and humanities hospital construction.

    The young workers increasingly expressed themselves, not only the status quo and understanding of the current post work, their confusion and demands for future work development, but also the current disadvantages.

    This meeting included not only the clinicians and doctors with doctoral degrees from clinical, nursing, teaching, scientific research, administration organs and logistic posts, but also the nurses and administrators from administration organs. Based on their posts, they fully expressed themselves, creating a lively atmosphere on the spot.