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SR Students Actively Participate in "Build a Nationally Advanced Clean City" Activities

Author: Posttime:2019-05-27 16:47:00 View Count:238

    On the afternoon of May 25, Wen Youliang, the dean of School of Rehabilitation (SR), together with the volunteers from the People Lane of Zhanggong District and the Red Cross, led the SR young volunteers to go to People Lance Community to actively participate in the ""Build a Nationally Advanced Clean City" " campaign.

    In the blazing sun, volunteers in white waistcoats enthusiastically offered the volunteer service, fully giving a display to the fine spirit of GMU students.

    Volunteers also put the nearly 50-kilogram bricks in place for local residents and fully cleared the rubbish in the flower beds of the community. After more than two hours’ work, the environment was refreshed and community residents praised the volunteers one after another.