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The Volunteer Service Team of Party Members of SFCMS Carries out Voluntary Activities for the Aged

Author: Posttime:2019-05-29 16:51:00 View Count:264

    Virtue is the foundation of human beings. Filial piety is the first virtue. On May 25, the Volunteer Service Team of Party Members of School of the First Clinical Medicine Science (SFCMS) went to the Tianli Sanatorium to carry out voluntary activities for the aged.

    Elevators have been installed in Tianli Sanatorium. The fifth floor and above are under decoration. Volunteers helped to carry various kinds of furniture to the very rooms.

    After that, the volunteers put on their white coats to check their health and blood pressure, or chatted with the elderly to understand their living conditions. At the same time, according to the questionnaires, they did health risk assessment for the elderly and gave reasonable suggestions.
    The volunteers finished their respective work. Then, they bade farewell to the elderly and returned to GMU.