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Logistics Services Group of GMU Holds the First Gourmet Festival

Author: Posttime:2019-06-03 14:56:00 View Count:351

    On May 31, the Logistics Service Group of GMU held the first gourmet festival in the canteen of Zhanggong Campus, offering a gourmet feast for teachers and students.


    This Food Festival was full of delicious dishes, including 30 dishes for everyone to enjoy for free. All dishes were well-crafted, delicate and tender in taste, bright in color and balanced in nutrition. Some dishes were salty, moderate, light and pleasant, highlighting the original flavor of raw materials. Some dishes were salty, fresh, spicy, appetizing, and rich in taste. The fragrant taste spread from the tip of the tongue and was enjoyed to the utmost.


    Chen Lianjiao, the Director of the Division of Admission and Employment Administration, said "The food diet is delicious, especially the food ‘Ganyi Qinghuai’ combines the school atmosphere and names. The food is rich. It's a pleasure to bring my father and uncle to the canteen to attend the food festival."


    Lai Fengdi and Xu Ling, this year’s postgraduates, said that the Food Festival brought people back to the canteen. They had their own beautiful memories of youth in the canteen. After graduation, they wanted to often visit the alma mater in the future.

    Zhong Xianhui, a Chinese culinary master, commented on the event “Food Festival is very rich in dishes, which reflects the professional level of chefs in skills, so that teachers and students can eat such delicious dishes and make comprehensive adjustments in nutrition and taste.”