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FAHGMU Holds the 2nd “Fu Er Dai” Talent Show

Author: Posttime:2019-06-04 14:59:00 View Count:406

    In order to celebrate International Children's Day, on the morning of June 1, the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU (FAHGMU) held the second “Fu Er Dai (the children of FAHMGU staff)" talent show in the Outpatient Hall of Huangjin Branch. Ye Jun, Vice President of FAHGMU, attended to present the award. There were 63 wonderful performances in the Show and more than 80 “Fu Er Dai (the children of FAHMGU staff)" participated in the performance.

    Children dressed in costumes showed their talent with music accompaniment. There were wonderful and pleasant songs, energetic dances, ups and downs of recitation, as well as a variety of musical instruments, which won the applause of judges, teachers and audiences.

    The exhibition was co-sponsored by Ganzhou Musical Instrument Industry Association and hosted by Black Forest Culture and Art. A total of 4 awards were awarded for "Best Talent", "Best Style", "Best Popularity" and “Best Potential". Children held certificates and prizes to celebrate a wonderful and unforgettable Children's Day.