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The 2nd Forum on Rehabilitation Innovation is Held Successfully

Author: Posttime:2019-06-20 15:09:00 View Count:471

    On the afternoon of June 15, the School of Rehabilitation (SR) started the Ganyue GMU Rehabilitation Students Salon in 2019and the Second Rehabilitation Forum for Rehabilitation Innovation in the Huangjin Campus. 6 excellent alumni from Jiangxi and Guangdong Province were invited to GMU to exchange the new concept of rehabilitation medicine. More than 400 teachers and students, including the SR Party Committee Secretary Chen Jianwen, associate dean Wen Youliang, SR Party Committee Deputy Secretary Ye Zhenli, the students from the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU and the Third Affiliated Hospital of GMU, attended the forum.

    With the theme of "seeking truth, innovation and sharing", the event lasted two days and it was divided into two stages. It was carried out in the form of guest lectures and interactive discussions.
    Wen Youliang delivered a speech. He extended a welcome to the excellent rehabilitation students from Jiangxi and Guangdong Province, who came back to the alma mater to participate in the forum. He hoped to build a platform for medical and educational cooperation and academic counseling through the forum, give full play to the role of alumni, jointly improve the quality of school running and professional development energy of SR, and contribute to the cultivation of good talents of both morality and technology, and run a medical university satisfied by people.


    Alumni came on stage to share their expertise and technology in their respective fields to help rehabilitation students to broaden their horizons.
    Wen Youliang also awarded the Letter of Appointment to the 6 alumni.
    This forum aimed to build an alumni exchange platform, attract outstanding alumni to bring new technologies and ideas back to the alma mater, promote the development of scientific research in SR, broaden students’ professional horizons, and create a good academic atmosphere.